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My Snoring Solution Reviews and Users Feedback

Most people assume that snoring is just a normal irritating and embarrassing condition. In fact, most of them do not see the need to seek medical assistance. What they don’t know is that other than the constant irritating sounds that keep others awake at night, snoring causes much more harm.

The side effects of snoring are real and severe. People whose snoring is caused by Sleep Apnea have a 40% greater risk of dying early compared to their peers. This is because sleep apnea is associated with a host of health complications such as heart disease, stroke, depression, arrhythmia, GERD, including others.

My Snoring Solution review

It’s highly advisable to seek medical assistance to avoid such complications. Your doctor is most likely to recommend an effective remedy for snoring- one which you can easily get at the stores.

One of the most effective snoring solutions that is currently in demand due to its effectiveness is the My Snoring Solution Chinstrap.

This article reviews the product and discusses its most important details to help you understand how it works and whether it’s effective or not.

What is My Snoring Solution Chinstrap

My Snoring Solution is a simple jaw-supporting chinstrap made of stretchy material that is designed to fit snugly around the jaw and the head. The chinstrap was invented by Stephen Mathews after he almost succumbed to obstructive sleep apnea.

The chinstrap is comfortable, lightweight, and a very effective anti-snore solution that provides excellent results.

Product Description

The chinstrap is made of a stretchy, comfortable material that is Latex-free. My Snoring Solution features two distinct openings positioned where your ears are, allowing you to not only hear, but also to prevent slippage. It comes as a one piece, two straps unit.

The chinstrap comes in three different sizes. This means that it fits snugly in people with different jaw and head sizes.

The material is washable and durable. It’s also hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

How Does it Works

My Snoring Solution holds the jaw in an upward position in order to eliminate vibration of the soft tissues. When snoring, the soft tissue at the back of your throat partially blocks your airway. Your tongue may also fall back to the back of your mouth, causing increased blockage of your airway. Wearing the chinstrap supports the jaw to prevent it from falling and tightens the loose soft tissue by holding your chin slightly forward. This action basically keeps your airway clear and unrestricted as well as vibration-free. And this means only one thing; No more snoring!

Is it Effective? Does it Really Stop Snoring?

Well, given that chinstraps are among the best snoring solutions currently available, it’s most definite that it’s very effective. Also, based on the review from various online stores’ websites, it’s pretty evident that the solution works effectively.

Another great evidence comes from the fact that anti-snoring chinstraps have been around for a very long time. They have been proven to be very effective for a large number of patients.

One study conducted at the Saint Mary Hospital investigated the effectiveness of this specific chinstrap. Apnea, hypopnea, the number of snores, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation in the bloodstream were measured beforehand.

The results were quite impressive. It was found that Apnea was eliminated or reduced in all the test subjects. Hypopnea was also found to have significantly reduced. The results also showed that the subjects had increased oxygen on waking up compared to the former. Increased oxygen showed that breathing had improved.

Pros & Cons

If you are considering purchasing the chinstrap for your snoring problem, it would be best if you learned more about its advantages as well as its disadvantages. You will be able to make a more informed decision before diving into making a purchase.

Below are the Pros and Cons of My Snoring Solution Chinstrap


• Effective in reducing snoring according to various studies conducted

• Simple to use: All you have to do is put the chinstrap around your head and jaw and you are good to go

• Comfortable to wear- The chinstrap is made of a comfortable material that does not cause sweating during sleep. It’s also designed to fit snugly- it does not feel too tight or loose

• Perfect Fit- Some anti-snore devices have a tendency of coming off while sleeping especially if one moves a lot. The My Snoring Solution chinstrap fits snugly and does not come off while sleeping. It stays put until you wake up and remove it.

• Does not cause any side-effects- Anti-snore devices such as mouthpieces usually cause jaw or tooth pain when worn. With this chinstrap, such side-effects are impossible to occur

• Does not worsen dental condition- If you have had a tooth replacement or any other dental procedure, the chinstrap will not cause any harm. It fits snugly and therefore does not exert pressure on the jaw.

• Easy to Clean: The chinstrap does not require any special cleaning. You can wash it together with other clothes.

• Durable- The material used to make the chinstrap is of high-quality and durable. One chinstrap can serve you for a long time.

• Long Return Policy- Return policies are great because they let you return goods when you feel that they do not meet your needs/requirements. In this case, the My Snoring Solution comes with a whopping 90-day money back guarantee. In case the chinstrap does not solve your snoring problem even one bit, you can get your money back. You lose absolutely nothing!

• Globe Shipping- No matter which country you are located in, the chinstrap can be shipped to you, to your doorstep. All you have to do is select the right fit, make the payments, and provide a shipping address. It’s as simple and convenient as that.


There is one thing you make not like about the chinstrap;

• It’s very expensive- The chinstrap is a bit steep on the price side. You are required to pay $119.97- shipping excluded. With that price, it’s pretty clear that it’s not a cost-effective product. However, there is a Buy One Get One Free which brings down the price to around $60. That’s about a 50% price reduction, which is pretty good especially if you are on a tight budget

My Snoring Solution Review Conclusion

The My Snoring Solution anti-snore chinstrap has proven to be very effective in reducing snoring. It reduces or completely stops snoring to allow you and your partner have a good night’s sleep.

It does not cause harm or worsen any dental condition that you may have, making it an excellent choice among other anti-snore devices. It’s also non-intrusive, unlike other mouth devices.

With a 90-day money back guarantee, it’s surely a product worth purchasing since you have got nothing to lose.

My Snoring Solution may be the snoring solution you have been looking for all along.

What is Snoring?

Snoring is a common problem affecting people of all ages, including children, although studies indicate that it’s more prevalent in adults aged 40-60. Studies also indicate that twice as many men than women snore. So what exactly is snoring?

What is Snoring?

Snoring is when one makes a rattling or snorting noise when breathing because air is unable to move freely through your nose and your throat. The noise occurs as a result of vibration from the soft palate and tissue in the mouth, nose, and throat. The tongue may also get in the way of smooth airflow, causing the vibrations.


Most people who snore often have too much nasal and throat tissue, commonly referred to as “floppy tissue” which is therefore naturally more prone to vibrate.

Occasional snoring may not be a cause for concern so you don’t have to seek medical assistance. However, is the snoring is habitual, then it’s important to see a doctor because apart from impairing your sleep quality and that of your partner, the problem may lead to a number of health conditions. Snoring caused by Sleep Apnea has been found to cause health complications such as heart disease, stroke, arrhythmia, and GERD.

What Causes Snoring? What are the Risk Factors?

Airflow in your mouth, nasal passage, and the throat can be obstructed by a number of factors. These risk factors include;

• Obstructed Nasal Airways

Nasal airway obstruction can occur due to allergy or as a result of a sinus infection. Deformities of the nose such as deviated septum and nasal polyps are also known to cause airway obstruction.

• Long Soft Palate/Uvula

If the dangling tissue located at the back of your mouth is longer than normal, it can narrow the opening from the mouth to the throat. When these tissues bump against each other and vibrate, the airway becomes blocked.

• Poor Muscle Tone in the Tongue and Throat

If throat and tongue muscles are overly relaxed, they can collapse and fall back into the airway, thereby obstructing airflow.

• Being Overweight

If you are overweight and have a snoring problem, it’s possible that you have got excess tissue at the back of your throat. The tissue could be blocking or narrowing your airways, causing snoring.

• Alcohol Consumption

Most people snore when drunk. This is because alcohol relaxes the throat muscles which cause them to collapse, blocking the airway.

• Smoking

Studies have shown that smoking causes snoring as nicotine irritates the nose and throat tissue, causing them to swell. This swelling is what blocks the airflow, leading to the vibration of soft tissue.

• Certain Medications

Tranquilizer medications such as Valium and Ativan are also known to increase throat muscle relaxation, thereby increasing your risk of snoring.

• Sleeping Positions

Sleeping flat on your back causes the soft tissue at the back of your throat to relax which as a result makes them collapse, blocking the airway. Changing your sleeping position can help you stop snoring.

• Gender

Naturally, men have narrower air passages compared to women and are therefore more likely to snore. Avoiding alcohol a few hours before bedtime, creating bedtime routines, and throat exercises may help control snoring.

• Age

As you become older, your throat becomes narrower and the muscle tone in your throat reduces. Narrowing of the air passage may increase your risk of snoring. Snoring is common in people aged 40 and above.

• Inadequate Sleep

Not getting enough sleep further relaxes your throat tissue, causing them to collapse and fall back towards the air passage. This causes you to snore. Getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep can help.

Health Complications Associated with Snoring

If you are a habitual snorer, your risk of developing various chronic health problems is high. Snoring caused by Obstructive Sleep Apnea may even further increase your risk of having problems such as;

• Extended Interruptions of Breathing, usually 10 seconds during sleep

• Waking up Frequently without realizing

• Excessive strain on the heart which increases your risk of heart attack, enlargement of the heart, high blood pressure, and stroke

• Light sleeping

• Reduced sleep quality which interferes with your overall health

• Chronic headaches

• Daytime tiredness/fatigue

• Low levels of blood oxygen

Snoring Treatment

There are many remedies and treatments for snoring. Your doctor may recommend the most suitable one depending on the cause.

Common medical treatments include traditional surgery, palatal implants, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), Somnoplasty, and Laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP).

Common anti snore devices include mouthpieces and chinstraps.

Lifestyle changes that may help treat the condition include losing weight through exercise, avoiding alcohol, quitting smoking, avoiding sleeping pills and sedatives, and establishing a regular sleep pattern.

Other remedies include keeping the bedroom moist, clearing stuffy nose before bedtime, and avoiding sleeping on the back.

Snoring is a problem that can affect your sleep quality as well as that of your partner. It’s important that you get treated to avoid further complications. You can try My Snoring Solution chinstrap which is an effective anti snore device that eliminates snoring by preventing airway blockage.

My Snoring Solution Benefits

Quality sleep is vital for your physical, psychological, and mental health. When your sleep quality is compromised, you increase your risk of developing health complications such as heart disease, stroke, arrhythmia, and GERD (acid reflux).


Snoring can reduce the quality of your sleep as it interferes with your breathing. Besides affecting your health, snoring can cause your partner to have sleepless nights. You and your partner may feel extremely fatigued on waking up.

Snoring occurs when the soft tissue at the back of your throat partially block your airway. The problem also occurs when the tongue falls back at the back of your mouth, which further restricts airflow as you breathe.

Although there are many anti snore devices in the market, My Snoring Solution has proven to be very much effective in reducing and preventing snoring.

What is My Snoring Solution?

My Snoring Solution is an anti snore chinstrap made of a stretchy material that is designed to fit snugly on your jaw and head. When worn during sleep, the chin strap prevents the jaw from opening and tightens the loose soft tissue holding the chin slightly forward.

The chinstrap features two distinct openings which leave the ears uncovered and also prevent the device from slipping (slippage is a common complaint among many chinstrap users). It makes it impossible for the chinstrap to come off while sleeping.

My Snoring Solution Benefits

If you are still not convince that My Snoring Solution anti-snore chinstrap is perfect for reducing and eliminating your snoring problem, well here are some of its main benefits that will assure you of its effectiveness, among other benefits.

• It’s an Effective Snoring Solution:

A study conducted at Saint Mary Hospital found that My Snoring Solution eliminated or reduced snoring and Sleep Apnea. The results showed that breathing greatly improved and that the subjects had increased oxygen levels on waking up. This study confirms the device’s effectiveness in counteracting snoring.

• Has Zero Side-Effects:

Most anti snore devices such as mouthpieces cause jaw and tooth pain. This issue is completely eliminated with the chinstrap since nothing is put into the mouth.

• Simple to Use:

The device is very easy to use. Just wear it around your head and jaw and go to bed

• Comfortable to Wear:

The chinstrap is designed to fit snugly to your jaw and head. This prevents it from slipping or coming off while sleeping. The material is stretchy, meaning that it’s flexible and does not hold onto the skin too tight. The material is also highly absorbent so that in case you sweat while sleeping, it keeps your skin dry

• Does not Interfere Dental Work:

You’ve got nothing to worry about if you have had any recent dental procedures such as dentures, tooth replacement, crowns, or dental work. This is because you only wear it outside, not inside. During wear, it does not put pressure on your jaw

• Durable:

The My Snoring Solution chinstrap is made of a stretchy material that is designed to withstand wear and tear for quite a long period of time. You don’t have to keep purchasing a new one every now and then because one can last you for quite a long time.

• Easy to Clean:

You don’t have to use some special cleaning products or methods to clean the chinstrap. Just wash it together with the rest of the laundry

• Comes with a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee:

Most anti snore devices only come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. The good thing about My Snoring Solution is that you get 3 full months to use the device. If it doesn’t work according to your expectations, you can return it and get a full refund. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose!

• Affordable:

The device may not be as cheap as other anti snore devices, but when you consider its quality and effectiveness, it’s very affordable. It will be long before you get a replacement, unlike others where you need to keep replacing, sometimes every few months. The device costs $19.25 on Amazon.

• Worldwide Shipping:

It doesn’t matter in which part of the world you are located. You can have it shipped and delivered right to your doorstep- hassle free!

With over 1 million sales around the world, My Snoring Solution is without a doubt one of the most effective solutions for snoring. If nothing else has worked for you, be sure to try it out and get the best night sleep for years.